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About Rustic Dressers

Rustic dressers have a few defining features. The wood used is thick and well-treated for the authentic cabin feeling. Reclaimed wood, taken from decommissioned barns and warehouses, is also used for building dressers. It is popular because it is weathered and strong from years of exposure to seasonal changes. The paints and varnish used in rustic dressers are minimal and show off the wood’s features such as a weathered appearance and the various warps and whorls. Rustic dressers are available in shades like white, red, turquoise, teal and dark wax among others. So, customers can opt to customize the color while finalizing the order.

The metalwork used in rustic dressers is minimal. The drawer pulls are period appropriate designs which can be swapped as per the customer’s wishes during ordering.

Customers also prefer ordering rustic dressers which are customized per their specifications. A drawback of mass produced furniture is that the options for customization are very limited. Here the dressers are made to the customer’s order. So, in addition to the color and metalwork, customers can also intimate the furniture maker about their desired dimensions for the dresser.

Custom furniture makers employ skilled artisans to complete the rustic dresser in accordance with the customer’s orders. These craftsmen use sustainable practices and environmentally-friendly materials for finishing the rustic dresser. So, while the time taken to deliver the product may be longer than when ordering mass-manufactured furniture, customers can rest assured that the final product has minimal impact on the environment.