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Handmade and Mass manufactured Furniture

On the downside, however, unless the furniture items are made from recyclable materials in an environmentally sustainable manner, this industry contribute to environmental and chemical pollution heavily. When you look towards sustainability and environmental friendliness, hand-crafted furniture stays ahead of ones that are made in a conveyor- belt fashion.

It is true that purchasing high-quality furniture items which promise to be both durable and strong have are an expensive affair, but it also offers the promise of lasting for several generations. With regard to furniture, Sri Lanka has traditional preference to nominate solid and sturdy furniture that were built with the very hands of the craftsmen. The fact that these type of furniture survives for decades and has a touch of history, renders it a charming quality that makes them timeless.

In Sri Lanka, the craft generally follows the traditional style that has come down through centuries – often reproducing the age old mannerisms of the ancient masters of Ceylon mixed with the colonial styles of the Europeans. The taste is changing, however. While people here still have a soft corner for painstakingly crafted woodwork, there is a leniency towards designs that align more towards contemporary. There are a few manufacturers in the Sri Lankan furniture scenario like Finez Furniture and Interiors which is responding to this change in taste among the masses.