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Tricks Maintaining Carpet

Spot Clean

It is important to stay on top of messes as they occur. If you have little kids, you know how hard this can be. However, if someone eats a brownie on your carpet, you won’t be too insane if you scavenge the floor later looking for crumbs. It is easy to forget these tiny messes, but they can turn into big messes if they come into contact with a liquid or just sit for a long period of time. When you have a little mess occur, make sure you clean it right away instead of letting it sit.

Take Off Shoes

The habit of taking off your shoes is one that you should definitely pick up if you want your carpet to outlive you. Many people just assume that it is polite to take their shoes off at the door, but even if your friends don’t, you shouldn’t feel awkward about asking them to do so. It is your carpet, your home, and your time that you will have to spend cleaning, so protect it. If you feel uneasy about asking your guests to remove their shoes before they walk on your carpet in Paradise, AZ, then you can put up a friendly sign by your door or have it printed on your front mat.